Proactive Acne Care

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Overnight acne solutions are in high demand all over the United States, and it is because the incidence of the inflammatory skin condition is particularly high in this region of the world. Clean and clear acne solutions at Wal-Mart are sold out day after day because people are trying desperately to leave the condition in their wakes, as well as the unprepossessing scars that it often leaves behind. Clinique acne cures are in as high a demand as natural acne solutions all over the country, and yet the disease does not seem to be letting up.

Something is not right, and whatever that thing is, we obviously haven’t gotten a grasp of it, or we haven’t learnt to put it into action yet.

Acne is a disease that stems from the actions of your endocrine system. Whatever acne solution you settle for, they must be the types that address your endocrine system at a natural level also. Emergency gel lotions, cystic acne solutions, and overnight acne solutions that you find listed all over the Internet, and in adverts and commercial, and filing the racks in every drugstore you walk into may help, but they will not work as effectively as you need them to unless you can do yourself a favor and include a few proactive acne solutions in your daily retinue.

I have not heard of a disease under the sun that exercise does not help. Your body is a synergetic system where everything works in a single but complex concert. Speak to a healer from Asia any day, and they will tell you point blank that the best way to treat any disease is to find and reintroduce that lost balance back into your system.

Whatever hormonal imbalance has been caused to your body, good exercise on a daily basis will certainly cure it. The speed with which you recover will be determined by the intensity of exercise that you do. When it comes to acne, you want to see to it that you do as much exercise as you can manage, and that you bathe thoroughly afterward. This type of proactive cure for the condition works from the inside out.

In addition to that, if you continue to introduce poisons into your system, exercise alone may not be able to keep you acne healthy. Soon enough, you may begin to see hideous and suggestive blackheads rearing their heads all over your skin. You will do yourself a lot of good to see that you don’t consume too much of animal fats, cholesterol, and carbohydrates in your diet. Vegetables and fruit in your daily feeding should do the magic.

Merge these two simple and natural acne cleansing procedures together, and you may never have to look for the 4.2-fl. Oz. cleansing foam ever again because you simply will have prevented the acne disease from ever getting to you.

So, do Clinique solutions work for blackheads? Sure, they do, but I prefer the proactive natural acne solutions that cure you from the inside out.

Acne Treatment Antibiotics

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Acne lesions are called every ugly name you care to think of including zits, spots, or pimples. Sometimes they grow beyond your face too, depending on how severely you are suffering from the skin disease, and may spread to your arms, shoulders and torso, or even to your back. That’s my personal favorite: back acne – bacne, for short.

Acne lesions develop as a result of blockages in the follicles of your skin. Due most often to hormone activities in your body, your sebaceous glands may secrete excess oils that mix with dust and dirt on your skin. Also, bacteria from the environment often get involved in the mix, resulting in infections and eventual inflammation.

If you are going to treat and cure this condition, you are going to have to attack the bacteria that are causing the complications. Several procedures have been tried since the beginning of time with varying results. But in the middle of the last century, Sir Alexander Flemming discovered penicillin, and with it the development of various antibiotics was realized. Today, antibiotics are about the best acne clear treatments under the sun, guaranteed to give you clear skin if you employ them the way that you should.

Meet the antibiotics: They are basically of two types – topical and oral antibiotics.

Oral antibiotics were the first to be discovered. They included tetracycline and a host of other related anti-acne medications that you had to swallow for full effect. They did not so much kill the bacteria, as have anti-inflammatory effects on the disease. They include erythromycin, oxytetracycline, doxycycline minocycline, and lymecycline. In the UK, the off-label trimethoprim is a bit more popular.

Topical antibiotics came shortly after and are often and largely used alongside the oral acne medications. You had to run them on your skin in the infected areas for them to clear your skin, and you had to do that about 2 times a day. Erythromycin is also a common name amongst topical antibiotics, as is tetracycline as well. Other trade names in this genre are stiemycin and clindamycin. They appear to have about the same effects as the oral types, but they have one advantage – they do not cause you stomach aches as side effects of treatment, which makes them better in a sense.

There is a catch, though. In recent times, a very resistant type of acne has been seen more and more frequently. These are P. acnes, and they appear to be a lot more resistant to antibiotics. Often, they have been found to bounce back just days after topical antibiotics are supposed to have done their job, and short week later, if you have been using the oral type of medication.

But until you have P. acnes, you can be confident that your acnes, the lesions, and the scarring that result are as good as history if you stick to your antibiotics.

Acne Body Treat – Types Of Acne To Be Treated

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There are many types of acne, and if you are ignorant of them, you may try to cure yours by the wrong medication. In the end of that, you may end up with your skin worse off than when you started out. You may not want to admit it to yourself, but the truth remains that you need to learn all that you can about them so that you can recognize them, deal with them, and are done with them once and for all.

The first and most common type of the disease is acne vulgaris. It is often the type that you find in kids that are just coming of age, although it is also found on a few adults. This type of acne occurs on the skin of your face as a result of your hormones experiencing some changes, especially with the coming of age. As a result, you will perhaps find it more common in females because of the massive hormone changes that they experience at that time of their lives.

Sometimes, acne vulgaris manifests as cystic acne on your face, sometimes it is what some physicians refer to as subsidizing tropical acne of your trunk, and then there is the type that extensively affects your chest and shoulders.

Acne conglobata is basically the same type as the above, but it is considered to be a more severe form of it because of its aggression and the difficulty of curing it. You will find that although a lot of other people like yourself are suffering from the condition on their faces, yours may decide to grow also on your neck, chest, arms and back. It’s not because you are a worse or dirtier person; it’s just a freak of nature, so don’t freak out.

Another common type of acne is choloracne. Actually, this is a derivative of the terms ‘chlorine’ and ‘acne’. That means that it is the type of acne that you get for using various chlorine products and chlorinated compounds. Various people have various reactions to various substances, and yours just happens to be chlorine. In some people it is more severe, as a matter of fact, than in others. Stopping the disease is however easy because all you have to do is cease your use of the products and find others to use.

There is another type of acne that specifically targets the capillaries of your cheeks, nose and forehead. It fills them with pus and blood, and results in severe skin infections. This is the type of acne that is referred to as acne rosacea.

Then finally, there is the type of acne commonly referred to in professional circles as nodular acne. This type is characterized by small protruding swellings that appear like knobs or lumps on any part of your body. What they really are is a mass of cells on your skin that is no longer part of your skin growth, but of the disease. When you have so many of that all over your body, your skin does look rather unsightly, and you find it hard to spend time with friends, or anybody for that matter.

Having known the types of acne that exist, you need to learn speak to your doctor so that you can be properly diagnosed, and then accorded the appropriate treatment for the disease. Some treatments may have to follow conventional means while others may best be by natural cures for acne, using various remedies that have been known to work.