OTC Acne Skin Care Medication And Laser Treatments

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The 1920s saw Benzoyl Peroxide used as medication for acne, and the’50s brought antibiotics with beneficial effects on acne. A lot of these medications are still available should you desire them. Many are even improved upon. You really can cure your acne.

Some acne medications are to be taken orally; others are to be topically applied. Be sure you have the doctor’s directions for the use of your acne medication down to the letter before trying it. If you went and swallowed something that you are meant only to apply on your skin, you could end up with a condition worse than acne.

The approach of certain acne medications is the killing off of the bacteria under your skin and in your pores that are causing you to sprout the lesions. However, there are other acne medications that have an anti-inflammatory effect on the condition. You may have to use both, but you will do well identify them and use them wisely.

Ever heard of tetracycline? It’s one of many very potent medications you can treat acne with that I have ever heard of myself. It even has a family of acne medications built around it. Having been around for virtual ages, it has been tested and trusted, and improved upon over the years, until it is what we have today. If your condition is bad enough, you’d want to try them on.

I know of some very effective acne medications you can pick up over the counter in some drugstore. I know of Tretinoin, trade name Retin A; I know of oral isotretinoin, which is sold as Accutane and Roaccutane. You could check them out next time you’re in the store.

Since the 1990s, laser treatment has been used as treatment for acne. It has since improved to blue/red light therapy. Such medications are found to be very effective on the dermal condition. You might find them more modern than laxatives, which have fallen out of use.

Acne medication is not something you should have a lot of trouble with. Some of them have been around for ages, have gone out of circulation, and are even recovering their popularity at this time. One such is spas. You might have come across it in the drugstore sometime.

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