Acne Naturally Treating – Using Oatmeal, Cucumber And Egg White

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There are all kinds of names by which people refer to acnes. They call them pimples, zits, spots, and the very severe type that sometimes grows on your back is playfully referred to as bacne. But there is nothing funny about an inflammatory skin disease that damages your features and simply makes you look hideous. It is made worse by the fact that a lot of people do not know what to do to deal with the condition. They have tried all kinds of treatments and medications, and nothing seems to work.

Below you will find some simple remedies for acne that will get rid of your pimples overnight so that you can finally bid farewell to the disease. They are natural and they are easy to apply, and you may never have to see another dermatologist about the disease again if you use them the way they need to be used.

OATMEAL – You perhaps don’t know that oats are exceptionally high in protein contents, but they are. In addition to that they also have a fiber content that is good enough for your skin, and for the treatment of the disease. The primary plus is that fact that they have low carbohydrate content, and fat of only about 5%. A teaspoon of oatmeal, another one of yogurt, and a third of sour cream mixed together will do a lot of good for your skin. Add a little bit of lemon juice for extra effect, and you can be looking at the closest you will ever get to baby skin when you wash it off after ten minutes of topical application each night for a couple of days. They call it the oatmeal facemask


CUCUMBER – Another type of facemask that works wonders on an acne infection is the type that you make from cucumber. You may have seen it in a few movies, where ladies line up at a health spa to have their faces covered with juice or paste made from the vegetable fruit. It is a natural effective way to treat the inflammation and never again have to see it every day when you wake up.

EGG WHITES – I know what you must be thinking. What have egg whites got to do with anything? The answer is everything! When you have just suffered an outbreak of acnes, you are perhaps left with scars from the lesions and inflammation. Get your raw eggs, be sure to remove the yolks, and then apply the clear water-soluble egg-white part of the eggs to the portion of your face where the scars are. By the next morning, you will notice significant improvement; in a couple of days, the scars will be gone altogether.

All you have to do is merge these remedies in your home as often as every day, and your pimples will practically disappear overnight. Sure, it means that you are going to have to spend a lot more time in your kitchen, but that is certainly not a problem you can’t live with, especially since it costs you less than visit after visit to the specialist clinic.

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