Acne Cures At Home – In 2 Days

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I get acnes about as much as any other person, maybe even a bit more. See I have very oily skin, and my diet is not exactly what you will call healthy. I love carbohydrates, and I can hardly get enough of sugar. So yes, you got me, I am a bit overweight, and when I get the pimples they are really all over my face.

However, I have this incredible technique that I use to get rid of the angry red spots that try to make my life so miserable, and in the next few lines, I am going to share with you a natural secret that is as old as time, but which so many people appear to be unaware of. It is the secret of how to cure your acnes within two days. Yes, you read it right: two days!

The first day of your acne cure program has to be the day after you notice the first couple of blackheads on your face, or perhaps the angry spots themselves. You want to wake up that morning and stretch out a little bit. Then, you are going to do something you probably have not done in a while – you are going to put on your jogging shoes and you are going to run. I suggest you do that for about thirty minutes that morning, maintaining a strong and steady pace that has you sweating profusely within the first couple of minutes.

Let me warn you now; if you have not run in a while, you’ll probably feel like stopping after the first sixty seconds. May I suggest you think about your next date, and how the brother is going to dislike looking you straight in the eye and kiss you in spite of the bright red spots all over your face? That ought to give you the boost you need to push on through.

So you get back home at the end of the run, you want to walk right into the shower and run it warm but not hot. You will stall beneath the spray without making a move for about three straight minutes while your system cools down and your heart rate returns to normal. That day, when you bathe, you will have to be using an antiseptic soap or something of that nature. Today you are going to have to sponge your body down so that all the pores are cleaned out of all the bacteria that may have accumulated underneath the skin but that have been pushed up by your sweat. And when you step out of the shower, you are going to rub down gently with your towel.

On this beautiful morning, you will have to lay off the carbohydrates for a bit. Today, your diet will consist of egg yolks in the morning, with a lot of water before you go out for whatever business you have to deal with. I understand how that you may feel hungrier than usual, but if you want the treatment to work, you are going to have to stay with the program. What you must do as the pangs hit you is to drink a lot of water each time.

In the afternoon, you will be taking a lot of fruit – fibrous things that have low calorie content; and in the evening, you will be eating a hefty meal that comprises a lot of vegetables. Eat to your fill, but you will have no sugars and no animal fats or oils. And then before you go to bed, you will have to have your bath again. The next day, all you have to do is repeat the program. By the time you awaken on the third morning, your entire household will wonder at the clean skin on your face.

Mind, this two-day remedy for the disease is all natural and requires no other medication, but you must do it at the early stages of the infection so that it does not get a chance to take root.

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