Acne Cure And Ways Of Getting Treated

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You probably knew this before but it is worth resounding for proper effect: the best way to treat acne infections is to combine various treatments for the condition that are already known to work well to some degree. Acne cure takes place in four different stages that you should be conscious of:

1.    The prevention of pore blockage, which can be achieved very simply by bathing thoroughly as often as possible with antiseptic and medicated soap, by taking medications to halt the abnormal deadening and shedding of skin cells into the pores, and by any other normalizing process that you know to not be harmful to you.

2.    The killing of propionibacterium acnes, which are known to actually cause the inflammation that creates the pimples. This often results from increased sebum production that produces the environment in which the P. acnes can breed and develop. The best way to kill the P. acnes is to apply antibiotics, usually of the oral nature, or more specifically, the anti inflammatory minocycline in submicrobial doses, and by phage therapy.

3.    The prevention of inflammation, which is partly achieved by the killing of the P. acnes. However, using a process that involves natural herbs like aloe vera, oral administration of zinc gluconate, the use of tetracyclines, and topical nicotinamides better do it. Other options for the treatment or prevention of acne inflammation include topical retinoids, contraceptive pills, and injections of the cortisone hormone.

4.    Treatment of acnes by hormone therapy or manipulation is by far the most important process in the course of acne cure because it is what will stop the process from continuing to produce the pimples, spots and lesions. Since they are caused by hyperactive hormones, you may also want to look at cortisone injection, medications that will suppression androgenation while increasing estrogen and progestrogen (especially for females), and methods of hormonal contraception.

Until you are able to bring these forces together, the chances are that you will not be able to effectively treat and cure your acne. However, you may want to consider the potential that can be achieved through acne treatment by skin exfoliation, a process with which you can remove dead cells to prevent pore blockage, and also a process for dealing effectively with acne scars left behind after treatment and cure of the condition.

Exfoliating the skin to cure acnes can be achieved mechanically by using an abrasive cloth or a liquid scrub to rub gently against the skin to peel off the dead cells. It can be rather painful and so it is mostly going out of circulation. Chemical exfoliation is often achieved by the means of agents such as salicylic acid and glycolic acid that cause the top layer of skin to peel and prevents build-up of dead skin cells which combine with skin oil to block pores. Even already blocked pores can be treated by this method.

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