Acne And Causes – Common Misconceptions and treatments

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The human race has come a very long way from the time when we used to dwell in caves, hunt down our meals with enormous wooden clubs, and eat raw or cook by striking flints together to create a spark. Some journey, eh? But acnes have been with us the entire time. And ever since humans have realized the possibility of clean skin, they have tried to cure acnes through any means available to them.

For a fact, there have been a lot of changes and revolutions in the treatment of acnes, especially in recent times; however, there is some evidence to show that acne treatments in the past weren’t always so ineffective after all. Many people who suffered from the eruptive skin condition tried various cures for the condition, and many of them found substantial relief. Nonetheless, there was still significant bafflement amongst healthcare professionals through history because the successful treatment of acne by various procedures and medications was so limited.

One of the chief reasons why this was so is because there were a lot of misconceptions about acne back in the day, some of which are still in force today. As a result, the wrong treatments were administered to several patients, so those who got cured got cured more out of luck than out of precision.

One of the most common acne misconceptions was that the syndrome stemmed from poor hygiene. Even as you read right now you may still be of that opinion, yet there is no scientific evidence to prove that this is entirely true. Although for a fact, poor hygiene may contribute to the worsening of the condition, it has not been proven as a cause. Another acne misconception is the idea that it is caused by a wrong type of diet. This is even a touchier subject because there are still a lot of physicians who believe it to be true in spite of a yawning absence of any scientific data to prove it. You may treat acne with some dietary control approaches, but the results are unfounded by research.

In ancient times, acne was once thought to be a curse from the gods, and patients were sometime treated like lepers. This did not last very long because it was soon found that a lot of people with whom the gods had no reason to be angry also had the disorder, especially pregnant women who developed the eruptive skin condition as a symptom of pregnancy. Another common thought from the past was that bursting the pimples was a good way to get rid of them. This was also quickly discarded because the acnes mostly got worse when you squeezed them.

Treating acnes in modern day is mainly a development that was garnered from the errors and successes of the past. A lot of treatment procedures have been perfected over time, and some have been dumped as worthless, but I still would never laugh at the struggles of the peoples of those times. You have your acne cure creams and lotions because they burnt their skins to cure their acnes back in the day.

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