Acne Alternative Remedy – Using Chinese Medicine To Treat Acne

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Sometimes your suffering from acne just cannot wait, and you wouldn’t be the first to walk down that road. There are indeed several anti-acne cures, treatments and medications that avail in several clinics across the country and you may just get your hands on any one of them over the Internet if you are persistent enough. The problem is just that not all acne treatments work for everybody, and certainly not in the same way. There are people who have extra sensitive skins who will react adversely to some acne cure cream that they just bought off of the counter in a cosmetic store, and there are people who will react even more violently.

Then, there are forms of acne that refuse to respond to any treatment or medication prescribed by a healthcare professional, which implies that the only solution to your acne is to sit it out and wait. Well, whereas that would have been cool if you aren’t so embarrassed by the inflammatory skin disease on your face, the syndrome is totally making a mess of your life! Plus, you have seen the scarring caused by the few acne lesions that appear to have healed, and they are hideous! If you sit it out, there is no telling what the scars will look like when they are done with you.

That leaves you with the option of seeking out alternative acne cures so that you can find relief. Interestingly and fortunately, there are a lot of acne treatment procedures by alternative medicine that you may pay particular attention to as you seek out the perfect remedy for your acnes. There are Native American cures for acne, and Japanese acne treatments, and herbal acne cures from India, and Ayuverdic acne solutions, and so on and so forth. The truth is that almost every culture under the sun has their own traditional treatment for acne, which they have every reason to believe in because they claim it works. It is therefore up to you to determine which medication is best suited for your condition.

Specifically, traditional Chinese treatment for acnes offers two different approaches for curing acnes. The philosophy of traditional Chinese Medicine is based very simply around the idea that any form of illness is a form of imbalance in your body that needs only to be corrected for health to be restored. For them, acne is no exception; and therefore your best acne cure would be to find a way to restore the balance in your body. Funny enough, this is not too farfetched from clinical philosophy, except that their approach to curing the syndrome takes a whole different angle.

For starters, you need to restore endocrine balance with a ‘cool’ diet that consists less of fried foods, chocolate, lychee, and durian, and take up more of herbal teas, fruits like melons, etc. This has to be further balanced out by ‘soft’ exercise which promotes blood flow in your body and helps your hormone activity positively. The second Chinese approach to curing acne is through the use of acupuncture. Understandably, there is controversy concerning this acne treatment, but how do you argue with 5000 years of culture, tradition, and results?

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