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You must have asked yourself that question a million and one times, and you are still where you are. You must have tried acne clear and acne treatment, and dermatologist recommended acne solutions without the clear skin results that you wanted. You must have tried all of that and have them fail because you are reading this right now.

Please let me assure you that after you are done here, you will never again have to worry about strange kinds of acne treatments that pop out of the woodwork all the time anymore because you will know the specific acne treatment that works for any specific situation you find yourself in.

We will begin by looking at adolescence. Teenagers just bursting unto the social scene are at their most vulnerable when acne strikes them. Sure, it’s hormones; but who wants to hear that? An early and aggressive acne treatment with milk of magnesia is best suited for this kind of situation. Coupled with a good diet and sufficient exercise, the kid should be able to find clear skin again. And as long as they maintain a high level of hygiene, this sure-fire acne treatment for teenagers should prove sufficient.

If you are the type of person who lives a rather unhealthy lifestyle, the reason why you are suffering from acne is right there in front of your face. You will have to swear off your diet of durian, chocolate, lychee, and fried foods. In their place, you will have to take up fibrous foods such as melons and citrus, and you will have to consume a bit of herbal tea as well.

You may want to try your hand at sulfur and sulfur compounds as well. Ever since the beginning of time, sulfur has been used in the treatment of the disease. Various sulfur products have been derived over time that actually have improved the treatments of the skin disease to a point where you could just pick them off of a counter in a drugstore.

Some other acne treatments that you will find in a clinic will include the use of Benzoyl Peroxide, Laxatives and Tretinoin that have been used extensively in the treatment of the acnes over the past century. In more recent times, Accutane and laser therapy have grown in popularity as reliable acne treatments, while antibiotics and bactericidals have also had a little bit of say.

But if you tire of all these clinical acne medications, you may want to try your hand at alternative medicine such as acupuncture to help regains the energy balance of your body. Otherwise, natural acne cure techniques that involve the use of compounds of honey, aloe vera, and various proteins, are your best surefire acne cures.

Certainly, one of these acne treatments will work for you; all you have to do is determine which. I will only suggest that if you are pregnant or trying to be, you should keep your acne medications to natural ones. The same goes for when you are with sucking child. Many of these treatments have harmful effects at that delicate stage of life.

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